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You send your high definition images in PNG, JPG, PSD or TIFF. Background-removal is the only site to accept files up to 130 MB. A few seconds are enough to erase the background of your images and download it.
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Our algorithm removes the background of your image in 5 sec, everything depends on your bandwitdh. In 92% of cases, the clipping is perfect. Well done ! you got a transparent image in 5 second for a very low price!
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Our algorithm could not find the bottom of the picture or he was a little mistaken ?You can correct yourself or call our 100 designers who will send you a perfect image for one more credit!

The automatic background remover

Whether you are managing 1000 images or two, our interface has been designed to allow you to recover your cut-out images in seconds. Enjoy !
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Any Questions ?

What is a credit?

A credit is used to pay an automatic background remove or a correction of the result by our teams of graphic designers.

C'est quoi un crédit ?

Un crédit vous sert à payer un détourage immédiat et automatique ou une correction de ce détourage par nos équipes de graphistes.

You don't like online Payment ?

Even if is a really secured payment platform, we accept SEPA or Swift transfer for a minimum of 120€, just contact us !

Is your background removal software 100% reliable

Our software is 92% reliable when your subject represents a large part of the image or/and the background is relatively differentiated. The images that we put as examples are almost perfect. There is one that is not ok, it's up to you to find it!

Which image formats are accepted ?

format_quote accepts all sizes and formats of RGB images except EPS. We will return a PNG 24 to the exact size of the image sent. For now CMYK is not perfect, we're working on it !

What happens to my unused credits ?

Your credits are valid for a period of one year, if they are not used after this period they disappear from your account? You can ask us to extend them by 6 months. A simple mail to our sales officers, they will manage it for more long term.

What happens if I do not have enough credits ?

In your customer area, you can refill your account in the price conditions of your choice.

How to make your images always the best possible ?

In general, if our algorithm fails to identify the subject to be cut, it is because the background is not explicit enough. A plate with a background of a multitude of fruits and vegetables will not get a good result. It is advisable to isolate during the shooting, the product which you wish to cut off. Mostly, we suggest to crop around the subject that you want to isolate.

What payment method are available ?

We are on Stripe because it is the most reassuring and most used solution for internet users and e-merchants. We do not accept checks but you can pay by bank transfer. We will send you an our datas. We do not process transfer requests below € 150. In the event of a significant demand on a one shot, you can contact our sales department who will make an offer that will fits your needs: Contact

The images obtained are compatible AMAZON, Marketplace and commercial sites.

Yes, it is even recommended to remove the background of your images before sending them to marketplaces. The elimination of the background allows you to show your products in a better way and win more sales !

What happens to my images when they are sent to your site ?

Background-removal, like all its brands, pays particular attention to the respect of intellectual property law. Your images are systematically deleted after a period of 15 days. If corrections are made by our teams, it's the same thing.

I manage several thousand images to cut by year, can you make me better offers?

This is to see ;-), contact our sales team, in English and French. Contact
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